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101 Healthy Living Tips

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101 Healthy Living Tips

When I think about living a healthy lifestyle, the top things that usually come to mind are exercise and healthy eating.  In truth, living healthy encompasses more than just our physical body.  We need to think about our mental health, too.  If we look at how we spend our time, who we hang out with, where we go, what we focus on each day… all of those also play a part in a healthy lifestyle.

Sound good, but not sure where to start?  Check out this list of 101 ways you can make your lifestyle a little happier and a little healthier.  While a few of these do take some time, most don’t.  It’s just a matter of incorporating that change into your daily choices and habits.  And, my guess is that you’re already doing more than one of these.  So go ahead and pat yourself on the back.  Then, pick out a few more that you can add to further improve your health. 🙂

1. Take the stairs
2. Park further from your destination
3. Be still
4. Drink plenty of water
5. Sleep 7-8 hours each night
6. Practice gratitude
7. Help others
8. Nurture your relationships
9. Laugh often
10. Quit a bad habit
11. Get outside more
12. Put down your devices
13. Wear a pedometer or other activity tracker
14. Learn to say “No”
15. Each day choose to be happy
16. De-clutter a room in your house
17. Listen to music
18. Color in a coloring book
19. Get a standing desk
20. Call one friend or family member each day
21. Keep healthy snacks
22. Stop beating yourself up
23. Volunteer
24. Prepare ahead for each day
25. Slow down and enjoy the little things
26. Read a good book
27. Watch your favorite movie
28. Play a relaxation CD
29. Spend time with your pets
30. Get a massage
31. Cook more often
32. Eat a good breakfast daily
33. Find time to exercise
34. Cut down on processed foods
35. Stop eating when you feel full
36. Hang out with healthy people
37. Don’t live in the past, look to the future
38. Don’t waste time fighting conditions you can’t change
39. Refuse to indulge in self-pity
40. Don’t procrastinate
41. Create routines
42. Set limits for yourself
43. Accept that you can’t control everything
44. Drive with the windows down
45. Visit an art museum
46. Cook a new dish
47. Re-arrange your house
48. Make a scrapbook
49. Don’t ignore your symptoms
50. Play a game
51. Watch a sunrise or sunset
52. Make a financial plan
53. Join a support group
54. Plan a vacation
55. Weed the garden
56. Go to a park
57. Stretch
58. Journal
59. Smile – even if you have no particular reason to smile
60. Take a relaxing bath
61. Burn your favorite candle
62. Fix your favorite meal
63. Wear your favorite perfume or cologne
64. Do something for the first time
65. Create a vision board
66. Take a nap
67. Do something you’ve been putting off
68. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert
69. Challenge yourself
70. Take a risk
71. Be kind to yourself
72. Don’t compare yourself to others
73. Don’t focus on what you cannot do, but on what you can do
74. Believe in yourself
75. Ask for help when you need it
76. Take a walk
77. Admit when you’re wrong
78. Pick your battles
79. Forgive – even when you don’t want to
80. Don’t take yourself so seriously
81. Try to make at least 3 people smile each day
82. Don’t worry so much about what others think
83. Set goals
84. Make every day count
85. Be kind
86. Eat more green leafy vegetables
87. Know your family’s medical history
88. Get a manicure/pedicure
89. Drink green tea
90. Dance in the rain
91. Learn a new skill
92. Take a friend to dinner
93. Walk with confidence
94. Leave time for the unexpected
95. Leave a whole day unplanned
96. Learn to deal with difficult people
97. Step out of your comfort zone
98. Make one day a “no complaint day”
99. Slow down
100. Explore a new place
101. Learn from your mistakes

Are you already doing any of these?  Are you going to add several to your lifestyle today?

If you’ve got any to add to the list, let us know.  We’ll just keep this list growing and growing. The more, the better… right?

Have a healthy, happy day!

~ Melanie