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Why Doesn’t My Magnetic Bracelet Work? Part III

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Why Doesn't My Magnetic Bracelet Work?

Why Doesn't My Magnetic Bracelet Work?

In this post series, I’m taking a look at the reasons why your magnetic bracelet may not be providing you with the results you expected.  There are a number of reasons, and all are very easy to resolve.

The first post in the series described how magnetic bracelets work.  Understanding this is the first step in understanding why your magnetic bracelet may not be working for you.

The second post looks at the benefits to wearing magnetic bracelets and then provides a list of health conditions that would benefit from magnetic bracelets.

In this third post I’m going to explain the importance of knowing the magnetic strength of the bracelets you wear and also being sure the bracelet fits well.

So, let’s get started……

***  It is so important that you know the magnetic strength of any magnetic jewelry that you wear.  Gauss is the unit of measurement of a magnetic field and is used to measure the magnetic strength of any sort of magnetic device.  (Disclaimer:  in industry they have moved to using the Tesla measurement, but magnets used in medicine are still measured in gauss because it gives a more precise calculation for lower strengths of magnets.)

Magnets used to relieve pain and provide health benefits should be greater than 800 gauss.  Any less and it may not penetrate the skin.  For best results, you really want something rated between 1,500 and 2,000 gauss or higher.

There is no limit to how much magnetic strength can be worn.  Any strength is completely safe.  And, the greater the strength the better the results.  The stronger the magnet(s), the deeper the penetration and wider the magnetic field.  This means the bracelet would provide more relief from pain over a larger area in the body.  The same if you are wearing your magnetic bracelet to lower blood pressure or other health benefit.

*** To be sure your magnetic bracelet will be effective, your bracelet must fit correctly.  If your bracelet fits too loosely, the magnetic field will not be able to penetrate your skin.  If the bracelet fits too tightly, it might cause your arm or wrist to swell and affect your circulation.

To ensure you get the right fit, first measure your wrist with a tape measure. Wrap it leaving the tape measure flat and tight. Then, add 1/2 inch to the measurement. This should allow for a snug fit, but also give you room for a bit of a gap giving your wrist some “breathing room”.

If you have any questions about the magnetic strength or measurement of your magnetic bracelet, please leave them in the comments.  Or, you can always contact me at  I would love to hear from you!

~ Melanie