“Every child is an artist” Free Printable

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Picasso Quote Printable

This quote.  So true.

A few years ago, I took a good hard look at myself and found that I had lost (or hidden away) so much of the carefree, flexible, and creative traits that I had as a child.  I’d become  inflexible with no time to be creative.  I rarely took the time to just hang out and enjoy life.  I had let the busy-ness of our schedules and activities take over focused only on the next item on the to do list.

That’s so not what I wanted for my life of for my family.  Since then I have worked hard to get back to some of those child like characteristics.  It’s one of the many reasons I started my own handmade business.  I’ve tried to take things out of the schedule that don’t need to be there.  And, I’ve tried to slow down and REALLY enjoy my life and the people that are a part of it.

I think that is why this quote strikes home with me so very much.  I want to always maintain the artist/creative person that I was as a child.

Please feel free to print for yourself!  Click here to download and enjoy.

~ Melanie


5 thoughts on ““Every child is an artist” Free Printable

  1. AnnMarie Irace

    A good reminder to try and live the carefree days of our childhood some of the time, whether you are an artist or not!

  2. sammysgrammy

    I remember, with nostalgia, watching my fearless, happy, marching to his own drummer, carefree baby boy turn into a “kid” once he started school. Conform was the important word there. Be like everyone else. Make life easy for the teacher.

    Fortunately, that wondrous outlook can be revived.

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