Finding Inspiration for Jewelry Designs

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I think in my most creative dreams, I always imagine finding inspiration for my jewelry designs in beautiful sunsets, the most wonderful of life’s moments, and the incoming tide when at the beach.  You know… those things that aren’t daily occurrences, but certainly are at the top of our list of life experiences.

But, as I begin to really pay attention to where I get the ideas for my jewelry designs, I find that, more often than not, my inspirations are found in the everyday things in my life.

Hanging LanternTake, for instance, this hanging lantern that sits on the entertainment center in my living room.  I purchased it earlier this year with some money my mother had given me for Christmas.  It’s been in the same place since sometime in January.  I walk past it everyday.  It’s a regular part of my daily life.  I really like it, but certainly don’t think about it a lot.

A couple of weeks ago, I had been ill for several days.  I finally began to feel well enough to move from the bed into the living room.  I was in my favorite chair resting and enjoying the sounds of my family upstairs as the kids were getting ready for bed that night.

As I sat there, my eyes fell on this lantern and I thought about the colors.  These are the colors in my furniture and accessories in this room and I really like the shades of the red, blue and green and how they fit together.

I then remembered some beautiful Swarovski elements that I had purchased several weeks prior for a custom order that I had completed for a customer.  I had purchased about 5-6 different colors.  I had several left over and some were in these 3 exact colors!

You know what?  As soon as I felt well enough, I was making a bracelet using those Swarovski elements in these three colors.  This is the design I decided I like best and it’s now listed for sale in my Etsy shop!  It’s designed with black high power magnetic hematite beads, these sparkly red, blue and green Swarovski elements, and sterling silver bead caps. Stop by and take a peek sometime… I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Magnetic Hematite and Swarovski Elements

5 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration for Jewelry Designs

  1. 2justByou

    Isn’t it crazy that the smallest of things from every day life can be just as inspirational? Sometimes we just have to realize it. The bracelet turned out so lovely!

  2. LeAllyson Meyer

    It is always nice to know what inspires people in their artwork. Color plays a huge role in my inspiration. I think we do our best work when we tap into something that we are passionate about or that inspires us. It gives us that springboard we need to create something new that is an expression of ourselves.

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