Magnetic Beads Feature: Picasso Magnetic Hematite Beads

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 There are several different types of magnetic hematite beads that I use in the jewelry I design.  In my shop you’ll find….

Black Magnetic Hematite Beads, Black High Power Magnetic Hematite Beads, Gold Metallic Magnetic Hematite Beads, Copper Metallic Magnetic Hematite Beads, Pearl Magnetic Hematite Beads, Picasso Magnetic Hematite Beads

picasso hematite collage

Today I want to share a little about these beautiful Picasso Magnetic Hematite Beads.  Up until a few months ago, I hadn’t used these very much.  For whatever reason, I just hadn’t focused as much on these beads.

However, recently I’ve begun using these more and more and find their colors to be wonderfully vibrant.  As you can see in the above photos, they are look great combined with sterling silver (lower picture) or with the gold metallic magnetic hematite beads.

These beautiful beads are all hand painted so each and every bead is completely unique.  They have all been magnetized so the wearer can experience the benefits of wearing magnetic jewelry.

In the picture you can see bracelets that are currently for sale in my Beads-N-Style Etsy shop in blue, purple and burgundy.  The Picasso Magnetic Hematite beads also come in green, turquoise, red, and white.

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