Wearing Magnetic Jewelry – Frequently Asked Questions

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Beads-N-Style FAQ
As with any business, creative or otherwise, I regularly receive questions from my customers. These range from questions regarding time to ship and custom requests to questions about magnetic jewelry and magnetic therapy.

Today I want to answer a couple of the questions that I am asked most frequently.

Magnetic Hematite Bracelets for StackingQuestion #1

~ Is there a limit to number of magnetic beads/jewelry items that can be worn at one time?
There is absolutely no limit at all to how much magnetic jewelry can be worn at one time. There are no side effects and it is 100% safe to wear any number of magnets — or magnetic jewelry items — at any magnetic strength**.

One popular way to accomplish this and receive a greater magnetic strength is to stack several bracelets together.  The bracelets pictured here can be purchased from my website  At my Beads-N-Style Etsy shop, I have several other styles of stacking bracelets, too.

Question #2

~ How do I make sure I purchase a bracelet or ankle bracelet length that is correct and will ensure I receive the most benefits from wearing magnetic jewelry?
Getting the right fit for your magnetic jewelry is more important than you might think.  You want the bracelet or ankle bracelet to fit snugly, but not so snug that it is uncomfortable.  If it is too loose, you will lose the power of the magnets.  Not only will this just not feel good, but it could also cause swelling as you would potentially see when anything you wear is too tight. 

I sell all my bracelets in half-inch sizes.  To ensure you get the right fit, I always suggest that you first measure your wrist or ankle with a tape measure. Wrap it leaving the tape measure flat and tight. Then, add 1/2 inch to the measurement. This should allow for a snug fit, but also give you room for a bit of a gap giving your wrist or ankle some “breathing room”.

Do you have any questions regarding wearing magnetic jewelry or about magnetic therapy?



** The strength of a magnet is measured in gauss.  I measure each magnetic bead that I use to know its gauss and then always provide the combined gauss of all beads when listing an item for sale.