Why Doesn’t My Magnetic Bracelet Work? Part I

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This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Why Doesn't My Magnetic Bracelet Work?

Why Doesn't My Magnetic Bracelet Work?Magnetic bracelets are very effective for managing pain caused by a number of conditions. If worn correctly and consistently they can be a game changer for persons that experience pain on a daily basis.

Even still, I will from time to time receive feedback from a customer that their magnetic bracelet hasn’t made one bit of difference.  In a rare few, this may be a valid complaint.  However, for most, it is a matter of ensuring they are wearing their bracelet correctly following some basic guidelines.

This post is the first in a series where I’ll outline these guidelines for you.  Once you’ve read them all, you should be able to identify why your magnetic bracelet may not be working for you.

Today I’ll start off by explaining how magnetic bracelets work.  Understanding this is the first step to understanding why a magnetic bracelet may not be helping to reduce pain.

It’s important to know that a magnetic bracelet will only help relieve pain in your wrists, hands, fingers, and arms.  Pain in any other location of your body will not be relieved by wearing a magnetic bracelet.

This is true for three reasons —

  1. Therapeutic magnets work locally.  Blood flow around an injury will be improved only in the area where the magnets are worn and the surrounding tissue.
  2. Therapeutic magnets reduce inflammation only around the area where they are worn.
  3. The magnetic field created by therapeutic magnets over an injury penetrates the body and tissues only in the area around where the magnets are worn.  

As the magnetic field travels through your blood stream the strength diminishes until there is no strength left to carry.  Therefore, the magnetic field just doesn’t have the strength to make it throughout the entire body.

I will add that on a few rare occasions I’ve been told by someone that their magnetic bracelet helped with back pain or migraines.  I don’t doubt this, but for the vast majority, you will see just what I’ve explained above.  Magnetic bracelets will only help with pain in the wrists,  hands, fingers and arms.

Next week I’ll share more and include information about the types of conditions that benefit the most from magnetic bracelets.

Have you ever worn magnetic bracelets?  Have you found them to be helpful in alleviating pain?

~ Melanie