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Magnetic Beads Feature: Pearl Magnetic Hematite Beads

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In the world of magnetic hematite beads, there are so many from which to choose.  A large variety of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and on and on.

In my shop I primarily use Black Magnetic Hematite Beads, Black High Power Magnetic Hematite Beads, Gold Metallic Magnetic Hematite Beads, Copper Metallic Magnetic Hematite Beads, Pearl Magnetic Hematite Beads, Picasso Magnetic Hematite Beads, and Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Beads.

Several weeks ago, I shared about the Picasso Magnetic Hematite Beads that I use in my designs.  Today, I’d like to show you some of the ways that I use the Pearl Magnetic Hematite Beads.

Pearl Magnetic Hematite Beaded Bracelets

These beads are so pretty!  They have a finish on them that gives them the look of pearls and come in so many colors.  I love to pair them together in a variety of colors and then add in sterling silver beads, sometimes black hematite beads, and they look great with Czech Glass Beads.

As with the other beads I use, they are magnetized so when wearing you’ll always receive the benefits of wearing magnetic jewelry.

Enjoy and have a great day!

~ Melanie