What is Aromatherapy?

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Aromatherapy Spa Collage

I’ve recently started designing and selling Aromatherapy Jewelry in the Beads-N-Style Etsy shop.   Aromatherapy jewelry has become very popular over the last couple of years as more people are practicing aromatherapy using essential oils.

I’ll be sharing about the variety of essential oils, how best to use them, and how to incorporate their use with aromatherapy jewelry.

First, I want to start at the beginning with “What is Aromatherapy”?

The definition of aromatherapy comes from the combined meaning of the words aroma and therapy.  An aroma is a pleasant scent.  Therapy is a treatment that provides relief or healing of a disorder.  Together, aromatherapy, is the holistic healing of the body or spirit through scent (aroma) or touch (body massage).

The 2 most common ways essential oils are used for aromatherapy are by smell and by touch.

** Some essential oils can be inhaled or diffused to provide the aroma of the oil.  As the scent triggers the Limbic System of our brain, endorphins and other ‘feel-good’ chemicals are released.  For example, the scent of lavender can make us feel relaxed and the scent of peppermint can help us be more alert.

**  There are also some essential oils that are beneficial when absorbed into the skin.  The best way to experience this is with an aromatherapy massage.  This is usually done using a carrier oil that is combined with a particular essential oil.  Other ways to absorb essential oils is with a compress, bath, or facial steam.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy using essential oils?

Here are just a few of the benefits…

* provides relaxation and stress relief
* enhances mood
* creates balance and well being
* provides relief from minor discomforts
* boosts the immune, respiratory and circulatory system

Have you ever used essential oils?  What is your favorite(s)?

~ Melanie

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