What is Holistic Medicine and How Does it Relate to Magnetic Jewelry/Therapy?

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Healthy LivingThere’s a lot of talk these days about looking at our health care from a holistic point of view.  

But, do we know exactly what it means to treat something holistically?

I’ve always known that part of holistic medicine includes what is called alternative therapies.  Magnetic therapy and wearing magnetic jewelry would be considered an alternative treatment for the pain caused by arthritis. Modifications to lifestyle — for example, diet and sleep habits — would also be considered an alternative therapy and something that a holistic doctor would take into consideration.

How to Treat Holistically

An example of treating something holistically would be to look at treatment for a migraine.  A holistic doctor very possibly would send you home with a prescription to relieve the symptoms of the migraine headaches.  However, he would also look at other factors that might be causing the migraines and, when alleviated or changed, would keep the headaches from recurring.  This might involve changes to diet, sleep habits, and working through steps to alleviate stress and personal problems.  All these could be factors that cause a migraine.  If migraines were found to be brought on by stress, the holistic doctor would work with the patient to find ways to alleviate stress, thereby alleviating the migraine headaches.

Some of the most common treatments used by holistic doctors are:

  • Lifestyle changes that include diet, exercise, psychotherapy and relationship counseling./li>
  • Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathy, massage therapy, magnetic therapy
  • Western medications and surgical procedures

In short, the holistic medicine looks at the whole person, not just the part that hurts.  If something is out of balance in our lifestyle, that could be causing the symptoms we are experiencing.

How Does Magnetic Therapy/Wearing Magnetic Jewelry Relate to Holistic Practices?

I hinted at this above, but wearing magnetic jewelry to ease our aches and pains would be considered a type of alternative treatment.

Several reasons to use magnetic jewelry from a holistic standpoint might be:

  • It is completely natural.  No medicine is involved, nothing is ingested into the body.
  • It is 100% safe.

Have you tried any holistic treatments?  Were they helpful?

~ Melanie

** Disclosure – I’m not trying to make any judgments or criticisms about doctors or types of treatments with this post.  There are many very good reasons to go to a traditional doctor for treatment.  Though, I am interested in holistic treatments and have found some helpful, I do still go to  a traditional doctor myself.    I simply am looking to share information that may be new and could potentially be helpful.  We all need to make our own decisions about treatment based on our health and healthcare experiences.