Why You Should Use Body Scrubs

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Why You Should Want to Use Body Scrubs

In all honesty, I spent years thinking body scrubs were just one of those extra little things you do for yourself because it feels good… not because there were any real health benefits.

It’s true that using a body scrub does feel good and usually a body scrub has a great scent, too. But, I’ve learned they are also some real benefits in terms of health and wellness.

The exfoliating granules in a body scrub will help to slough off dead skin.  These exfoliating granules are usually salt or sugar, but there are some that use crushed nut shells and coffee grounds.  When dead skin cells are removed, healthier skin is revealed and the new growth of younger, more radiant skin cells shines through.

The rubbing action that is necessary to use with a body scrub helps to improve circulation.  When there is good circulation of the blood through our bodies, there is good distribution of nutrients throughout our body,   Oxygen is one of these important nutrients and when it is flowing well to our muscles, we don’t tire as quickly,  Good circulation also helps to maintain our body temperature and our pH balance.

Using body scrubs feel good.  I mentioned this at the beginning of this post and one thing I’ve learned is that feeling good isn’t just a superficial type thing.  When we feel good — when we are refreshed — our mood is lifted and the outlook we have throughout the day is improved.  For me, it means I am more relaxed, more confident, and definitely have a more positive attitude.  These feelings are an essential part of our well-being.

Adding essential oils to body scrubs can give them an added benefit.  A body scrub with a few drops of…

*  Lavender will help to calm and relax
*  Peppermint will help to ease breathing
*  Lemon will cleanse and uplift your mood
*  Sandalwood will help to smooth your skin
*  Roman Chamomile calms and helps support a healthy inflammatory response

If you would like more information about the benefits of essential oils that can be added to body scrubs, visit my doTERRA shop for learning materials and information to purchase and sell essential oils.

~ Melanie